G S Security Guard Co.,Ltd.

Security Guard Service Security Guard provides a full range of services in the Eastern region. Arrange staff to take care of security 24 hours a day to support both Housing Project Hotel-Resort Condominiums, apartments, apartments Industrial factories, warehouses, distribution centers, logistics, banks, educational institutions, stores, government buildings Professional service To take care of your life and property

Security Guard is managed by a team of professionals with a wide range of multidisciplinary qualifications such as lawyers, police, military, business executives, experienced academics and security expertise. To integrate planning Set up a system to raise the standard of security work to be efficient, effective, capable, modern and suitable for the environment as well as the modern advancement of society. According to modern academic principles on a regular basis

G S Security Guard Co.,Ltd.
Legally registered under the Security Business Act 2015.
Registration No.: ฉช(F.Ch) 2600004 Tax ID: 0245556000075

Company introduction
Thai name: บริษัท รักษาความปลอดภัย จี เอส จำกัด
Registration Date: January 8, 2013
Company registration: 0245556000075
Company Directors: Miss Patcharee Sae-un
Miss Chanidapa Sae-ung
Mr. Jiratip Charoensuk
Capital: 1,000,000 baht
Tax Identification Number: 0245556000075
Security business license number : ฉช๒๖๐๐๐๐๘
The office is located at: 195/6 Moo 11, Plangyao Subdistrict, Plangyao District, Chachoengsao Province 24190
About us

…….GS Security Guard Co., Ltd. is a security company established to operate the business of providing personnel related to security services (Security Guard) by legally registered. Under the Security Business Act 2015 with a team of professionals with expertise, experience and qualifications in security from a wide range of related professions such as business administration, academics, lawyers, lawyers, police, soldiers, nurses, Police and civilians For multidisciplinary integration It is used to plan, set up a system to raise the standards of security work to be efficient, effective, capable, modern and suitable for the environment as well as progressing society at present according to modern academic principles on a regular basis.

…….G S Security Guard Co., Ltd. Is one of the operators of business services. That has continued to develop all the time with a focus on safety and still stand. They are committed and aware of providing excellent quality service. There is safety in the lives and property of the customers as important to achieve the highest image of satisfaction with excellent quality service, safety in life and property of all of you is essential. To achieve maximum satisfaction with a wide range of services In addition, modern technology has been introduced to take part in the performance of duties. Combination of electronic equipment and security personnel In order to gain greater convenience and efficiency in work operations We are ready to receive security services and provide services to the general public, private sector, companies, stores, industrial factories, hotels, condominiums, apartments, villages, condominiums, banks, educational institutions. Government offices and others of all types, etc.

Why choose us?

Today we, G S Security Guard Co., Ltd. (G S Security Guard Co., Ltd.) With experience in providing security services continuously for almost 10 years, we are ready to service. Have confidence and certify that we have the potential to maintain peace and order for assets, premises and personnel to be safe at all times and to serve our customers with real objectives. Ensuring that the quality of work and management standards will not be inferior to other security companies, and even surpass them with reasonable service rates. As an alternative for you, another choice, we would like to do our best as the promise of “Safety, Good, Standard, Quality and Service”.

Vision & Mission

Determined to develop security services into a security company that is full of good quality, high standards With the quality of work results in performance Have professional personnel with expertise Experience and modern service that is recognized and trusted by users all the time.

  • Has the first duty to protect the security of the user. Efficiently promote and support the security environment in the user’s premises. Efficiently promote and support the security environment in the user’s premises. With professionalism, expertise, honesty and a long-standing reputation.
  • To deliver quality services to users with efficiency, efficiency and responsibility 24 hours a day.
  • There are quality teams and personnel at all levels, positions and duties, both with sufficient potential to take care of. Responsible for the work or place of the service user.
  • Must build a good and close relationship with the employer on a regular basis. For a mutual understanding of how to improve and develop security work to be more efficient.
  • Must always find knowledge and technical advancement for the up to date technology and safety.
  • Must create good morale to employees by using proactive labor in the areas of fairness, justice and equality.
  • Ready to expand its business to regions across the country and seek new good businesses, connections, talents and experiences.
  • The company is ready to support and promote in businesses, communities, social events and government agencies.
G S Security Guard Co.,Ltd.

“Good safety, quality standard and service”
“Safety is our heart.



Raising the standard of security work to be stable


Rules / Regulations

The work of the security guard


Employee duties

The duty of the security guard


Standards of Security

(Standards of Security)





Procedures for recruiting personnel

To know the concept, attitude, character, aptitude



And educate Understanding the security personnel of the company


Postoperative work plan

And educate Understanding the security personnel of the company


Performance appraisals every month

Check the performance of the security personnel.


Liability and Insurance

Train security personnel to be highly effective.


Service rates and payment methods

Service rates with basic service rates as follows:


Uniform / costume

The company will set up the uniform of the security guards.