G S Security Guard Co.,Ltd.

Performance appraisals every month

In assessing the performance of all security personnel The company requires two parties to participate. For the public interest, the details are as follows.

  1. Head of the security guard

It is the direct duty of every supervisor, a performance assessment must be conducted in each commander to know the precise performance of the work. By performing the work in accordance with the regulations prescribed, which is an important factor in the performance. If someone violates them, they must be alert and act like forever, otherwise they will be fired from the company.

  1. Patrol department from the company

The company requires patrols from the company to travel to inspect the performance of all security personnel. Finding good and bad results requires immediate support or remediation, do not leave problems behind while creating a better morale and motivation for work. Back to all security personnel. When the exact work is known, it must be recorded as evidence and summarized. It is the monthly performance of every security guard. Therefore, when the assessment results of both sides come together to determine, it is certain that if there is a problem with anyone, it can be solved for everyone. Therefore it is good for all parties