G S Security Guard Co.,Ltd.

Procedures for recruiting personnel

    • Interview exam To know the concept, attitude, character, aptitude, need for progress Likes and dislikes To ensure that the applicant is ready to work in the security field
    • Background checks and drug testing The security guards must agree to perform background checks by submitting background checks at the Criminal Records Division. The Royal Thai Police and must check for drugs in the body because they ask for a medical certificate to confirm that they are not related to drugs because both the company will conduct drug testing with security personnel repeatedly every 3 months.
    • Check the status of the employee, check the history of the original domicile, the place of birth. Date of birth, parent, migration Check history of current family status, such as residential address, children, wife, occupation, parents, including residential address and behavior certifying occupation.
    • Checking the original institute education Knowledge, ability, habits, personal behavior, checking personality, gestures, wit, intelligence

Examination Work history Responsibility Honesty Decision-making for immediate problem-solving A certificate of qualification and a conduct assessment from the previous employer

Taking pictures with fingerprints Of the security guards collected at the company office

Personnel Selection Chart

Selection of personnel

Recruiting and recruiting personnel

– Check the background from the Royal Thai Police
– Check for addictive substances With doctor’s certificate (repeat check every 3 months)

Training theory

– Physical fitness test
– Take a test of knowledge and ability
– Interview

Practice training with training staff

Internship based on location

Inspect and follow up on the performance of their duties.

Monthly performance evaluation