G S Security Guard Co.,Ltd.

Rules / Regulations The work of the security guard

  1. You must dress properly in accordance with the regulations of the security company before entering the duty.
  2. You must behave and behave appropriately and use polite and modest behavior.
  3. Be punctual and have honesty in their job duties.
  4. It is necessary to regularly clean the area that each person is responsible for.
  5. It is strictly prohibited to allow outsiders to enter the factory area or restricted area. No outsiders must be allowed to enter the factory area or restricted area at all, except as permitted by the employer in command of the employer.
  6. Need to keep an eye on and inspect things in-out. Outside the establishment of the employer in any case Either all employees of the employer or third parties in accordance with employer regulations
  7. You must write down details of third parties with entry-exit. The employer area every time
  8. When someone takes over The delivery person has to clarify the normal events and things that happen on a daily basis. In a written form for the substitute to know every time
  9. Do not leave the point where each person is responsible, unless there is a security guard to take turns instead first.
  10. In addition to protecting assets, all security personnel must meet the employer’s management policy to achieve the goals set by the employer.
  11. When outsiders come to work business The security personnel must ask for the name, address, who they want to meet, and why they want to be found, and notify the third party they want to meet once they have been allowed to come.
  1. When there is an emergency such as taking the injured person to a medical facility, the security guard must exercise discretion. As appropriate, when allowing for issuance, each time must be recorded as evidence and urgently report to the employer.
  2. If there is suspicion of stealing love, you must immediately report it to the employer, unless it is an immediate incident, the security guard has the power to search and arrest
  3. Have to monitor the card check or swiping of the employee’s time card to prevent recording of the time card instead.
  4. The replacement supervisor must regularly monitor the performance of all internal staff.
  5. Each security guard must check it out every 1 hour.
  6. It is strictly forbidden to take the belongings of the employer for personal use, regardless of whether the objects they are used or discarded.
  7. Do not listen to the radio, watch television, read books of any kind during duty hours or before entering. Perform duties strictly.
  8. Do not drink alcohol Alcoholic beverages or drugs during the course of their duties or before entering their duties is strictly prohibited.
  9. Always perform other tasks as assigned by the employer, which are always willing and enthusiastic about security.
  10. It is important to keep in mind that any neglect or violation of the rules and regulations of the work, the announcements of the company, is deemed to have committed an offense and must be punished for that offense at all times.