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G S Security Guard Co., Ltd. Attaches great importance to another thing that is considered an important factor, namely training and educating. Understanding the security staff of the company In order to establish the same quality standards, we focus on the selection process of personnel with physical and mental capabilities to train as security guards using training courses. Both theoretical and practical workshops according to the Through training carse job security training course, which is intensive and covers all the procedures for the duty of all security personnel, ready to perform the duties of the security guard To the property, premises and personnel of the employer fully by the international standard service that will impress throughout the service.

In the training and training, both before the job and during the work to be reviewed at all times and the training schedule and informing of the company staff and the company has invited experts at Have the expertise and experience of various multidisciplinary fields in each area. Related to security work as a special speaker Participate in providing knowledge, understanding, and skills training in various fields according to the curriculum and procedures set by the company.

Amon Training is divided into 4 styles

  1. Training + daily training (1 time / day)
  2. Training + weekly training (1 time / week)
  3. Training + monthly training (1 time / month)
  4. Training + annual training (2 times / year or every 6 months / time)
G S Security Guard Co.,Ltd.

Through training carse job security

1. Common standard security tasks
1.1 Orientation for new employees
1.2 Discipline training Line order training Gait training And a person with bare hands
1.3 Security training
1.4 Practice of observation Identification Morphology / vehicle
1.5 Access to emergency patient assistance And first aid
1.6 Catching the Beast
1.7 Use of telephone alarms, radios, whistles, bells, sirens.

2. Prevention and suppression
2.1 Practicing on the suspension of arrest, personal control Vehicle control And cover the place
2.2 Martial arts and the arrest training
2.3 Visitation
2.4 Site inspection, monitoring of suspected spots, treating the scene when an incident occurs. (investigator)
2.5 Traffic training
2.6 Defense training And fire suppression (Fire protection and suspended)
2.7 Use of tools Security equipment (Tools and security equipment)
2.8 Training Amon, Laws related to security work

3. Service and public relations
3.1 Customer Service (Service)
3.2 Customer support
3.3 Etiquette towards customers
3.4 Initial public relations Speaking and coordinating with various departments
3.5 Train to know the chain of command.
3.6 Build an understanding of the agency’s prohibitions / regulations.
3.7 Cultivate a sense of duty to be proud and love in one’s profession.
3.8 Treatment and maintain quality